Self Guided Assessment

Self Guided Assessment

The Cyturus Self-Guided Assessment (SGA) leverages our AI cyber assistant Lynn to walk an organization through every action an Organization Seeking Certification (OSC) must perform and validate to meet each control objective. Utilizing this system allows you to attest with confidence.

The SGA leverages our patent pending quantification to demonstrate to management where the organization currently stands and what needs to be completed to reach full compliance.

Our process enforces accuracy, as a client cannot receive the full control score without completing every required action item. This enforcement process is critical and provides assurance to executive management that the organization is truly meeting the mandates.

Independent management of assessment effort

AI guided support walk-through of all 110 control requirements

Validate SPRS score accuracy through quantification

Create POA&Ms for the identified deficiencies managed at the Objective level

Manage POA&M and SSP Management

Manage attestation/evidence collection, access, and reporting

Reporting includes Score Card, SAP, POA&M, and SSP generation

Quantum Secured Object Level Encrypted Data Storage

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