Adaptive Risk Model

The patent pending Cyturus Adaptive Risk Model (ARM) identifies deficiencies, measures potential business impact, and recommends prioritized mitigation actions. The engagement cycle results in a customized set of rank-ordered tactical actions to mitigate the associated business risks while accurately quantifying the cybersecurity risk profile for your organization.

ARM Process

Engage With Cyturus

A typical engagement begins with a baseline stage where your current Cybersecurity capability and maturity is measured across the entire business enterprise providing a holistic view of where your organization stands today relative to cyber risk and expressed visually in a ranking for each business domain.

The Adaptive Risk Model

The Cyturus Adaptive Risk Model (ARM) enables you to rapidly identify and focus resources on cybersecurity and business risks resulting from changing environments, organizational needs, and business threats.  ARM provides business leaders a full account of where cybersecurity risks lie, how they potentially impact the business and the ROI on remediation efforts.

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