Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Assessment

Cyber Risk Visibility

Our Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Assessment (C2MA) evaluates your enterprise capacity and capability for cybersecurity. These workshops employ our proprietary methodology to interview staff and business leaders from across your company and determine the implementation status of more than 500 best practices across 15 functional domains. Delivered using language business leaders understand, this assessment provides visibility into where you are strong, where you have business vulnerabilities, and the business impact of those gaps. Your business leaders gain the information they need to make risk reduction and mitigation decisions as part of an Enterprise Risk Management strategy. Because it is managed on a continual basis, Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Assessment (C2MA) helps your organization adapt as risks change, whether due to new external threats or internal changes within the business.

Regulatory Compliance

Our risk management platform allows for crosswalk analysis to a wide range of regulations (CCPA, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SOX) and industry standard cybersecurity frameworks, including the NIST Cybersecurity framework (CSF). This enables you to benchmark your cybersecurity program against compliance requirements in real time.

Quantified Risk Scoring

Based on our risk assessment, our Cybersecurity Maturity index (CMI) provides a precise, algorithmically generated maturity score that pinpoints which best practices you have implemented and to what extent, to establish your baseline cybersecurity maturity. With this numerical score, you can now apply risk management concepts such as acceptable risk, risk tolerance, annual loss expectancy and residual risk to actively manage cybersecurity risk and cost justify mitigation expenditures.

2160 (Custom)-min


Our Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) process enables you to understand the areas offering the greatest potential reduction in business risk, enabling you to prioritize risk remediation efforts. We then develop a roadmap that enables you to mature your risk management capabilities in a focused, calculated, and methodical manner

Mitigation Management

Our experienced mitigation managers help you perform necessary corrective actions to mature your cybersecurity through our subscription-based Cyber Maturity as a Service (CMaaS). Our highly experienced dedicated mitigation managers help manage all mitigation efforts. From identifying vendor solutions within our partner ecosystem to managing the RFPprocess, the CMaaS service offers the industry’s only full-time managed service.

Is your organization prepared for the CMMC certification process? Do you need expert guidance in evaluating processes? Contact us to discuss your CMMC level of preparedness and begin to implement a framework and set of processes that will guide your organization to CMMC maturity.

Establish your CMMC readiness. Prepare for official certification.

On-Demand Reporting

Our consultants also provide executive status updates and briefings on a quarterly basis, where we demonstrate measurable improvements and provide an ongoing ROI analysis. Operational efficiencies are driven from a real-time reporting portal that addresses the cyber needs of a broad range of users.