CRT Modules

Continuously manage cyber risks to your organization and provide visibility to the executive suite

Despite tremendous expenditures on cybersecurity controls, many organizations remain inadequately protected from cybersecurity risks. Poor security posture not only has IT consequences, it presents significant business risk as regulators, litigators, and shareholders increasingly hold business executives liable for security breaches, often imposing multi-million dollar fines.

The patent pending Cyturus Compliance and Risk Tracker (CRT) enables you to manage ongoing cyber risk to your organization while measuring improvement to your cyber security maturation. CRT leverages the Cyturus Adaptive Risk Methodology (ARM) which enables you to identify, measure, prioritize and remediate cyber risks and is populated based on the results of our Cybersecurity Capacity and Maturity Assessment (C2MA) interviews and assessment framework.

Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager - Provides the tools necessary for continuous management of regulatory mandates and compliance frameworks. This core module enables management of controls, assessments, and audits, as well as providing the reporting of status, scoring, and deficiencies. The Compliance Manager delivers real time visibility into your compliance and risk program, while also supporting trending over time to visualize improvements in remediation efforts.

Maturity Manager

Maturity Manager

Maturity Manager – Once Compliance deficiencies have been identified, these findings can be tracked, tasked, and monitored within the Findings Manager. Various status reporting options can be leveraged to provide management with visibility into work efforts required to meet and maintain compliance.

Risk Register Module

Risk Register Module

Risk Register Module- Track ongoing business, compliance, and 3rd party risks. Document each risk, mitigation activities and provide contingency planning. Risks can be categorized by groupings, business unit, potential impact, and response strategy (Avoidance, Transferring, Mitigation, Acceptance.) Actions required to maintain current status for each of the identified risks can be managed and tracked. The Risk Register is essential to the successful management of organizational risks by measuring how a risk could impact the organization.


TPRM Module

TPRM Module – Centralized platform for businesses to manage their third-party relationships, including monitoring the security posture of third-party vendors and suppliers. Enables delivery of automated risk assessments to identify high-risk vendors enabling the prioritization of mitigation efforts. Improve the ability to manage third-party cybersecurity risks and protect against potential data breaches and other cyber threats by understanding the associated risk to your organization.

Policy Manager

Policy Manager Module

Policy Manager Module – Draft, manage, and review policies, track attestations, and manage exceptions. Centralize your library of policies, procedures, and standards. Collaborate across all policy stakeholders more effectively in a single platform. Optimize the policy lifecycle with ready-to-use templates, workflows, and real-time reporting.

Incident Management

Incident Management Module

Incident Management Module - Ensure incident response process is consistent, repeatable and efficient. Defined internal framework that covers steps required at each phase of the incident response process. Document and continually update playbooks. Provide consistency among responders.